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desert crossings (2017)

An American surveillance team notices the movements of unauthorized trucks and starts an operation to discover their destination. Unknown to this team is the fact that some higher echelons of the American Army of occupation are themselves involved in the clandestine smuggling of Iraqi treasures and they sabotage the surveillance team's progress putting their lives in danger.

The American team is chased across the Jordanian border by Iraqi gangs cooperating with the corrupt American generals and seek help from the Jordanian security departments and police. Unknown to he smugglers or the Americans is the fact that the European Union anti-smugling department (Interpol) had sent a female agent to infiltrate  the gangs and to discover the leaders and their contacts in Europe. She succeeds at being captured by the smugglers and is then recruited by the leader of the gang to work for them as a carrier of smuggled treasures to Europe.


The relationships become complicated with romance and loyalties vacillating, ending in action packed chases and adventures in Jordan and Europe. In the end we discover that the Jordanian gang leader was himself an agent of the Jordanian security and the two lovers unite at destroying the smuggling operations but not before some hair-raising near fatal encounters.

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