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OUT FOR VENGEANCE (2022) POSTER TWO (Directed by Salar Zarza) - kopie.jpg


The story revolves around a an ex veteran (Salar Zarza), who takes matters in his own hands after investigation leads to him as a murder suspect. Alan decides to hide for authorities in Amsterdam to prove innocence. Alan gets to know the victim, a Dutch women (Dorien Rose Duinker) who chases him for help. Eastern European drug cartel leader Gurski (Costas Mandylor) decides to kidnap Vanessa for whereabouts of stolen narcs by her boyfriend after his murder job points to Alan. Frustrated by a slow investigation, Alan ask help of his MMA coach friend Gabriel (Ron Smoorenburg). When Alan's cop brother gets killed by the cartel, things turn around

for Gabriel too and they confront the cartel to take revenge.

Action/thriller "Out for Vengeance"

Production company: True Spirit Entertainment

From Executive Producer/Producent Salar Zarza

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