Before color correction

True Spirit Productions company is working

with the newest reliable editing platforms and applications. We are shooting all our projects 

with ourfilm  companies high end RED digital cinema cameras. We use several editing (IPL)

editing monitors for perfect color correction

and grading in-house.

After color correction

De Red One Mysterium X digital cinema cameras shoots in RAW format. This way

of shooting film, utilizing uncompressed

.R3D file format enables superior quality

for matching perfect color correction & 

grading options during post-production.


One of the key advantages you get from

shooting with RED digital cinema, is that

you can alter all your shot clips & footage

settings like ISO and other parameters

even after you have shot your project.


In short, the posibilities are endless and

it's power is beyond your imagination.


Give your final product the feel & look

it deserves, just like you have imagined without any restrictions or limitations!