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True Spirit Entertainment shot epic film "BARA".


Action/adventure "BARA". Directed by Mohammed Qissi/Michel Qissi a.k.a. Tong Po from "KICKBOXER" with JCVD.

In March & April 2014, mr. Zarza of True Spirit Entertainment was hired to shoot this action/adventure feature film in the sands of Sahara, Tata, Morocco. This mind blowing epic action/adventure was directed by the legendary Hollywood action actor Mohamed Qissi, better known as "Tong Po" from the "Kickboxer" films, with his childhood friend Jean-Claude van Damme.

This fantastic historical feature film was shot in between some of the worlds most fascinating locations with truly a magnificent scenery and a huge scope. Currently this film is in post-production for a theatrical release late this 2014!

Take a tour in the 'Promotional Movie Stills', watch the TEASERS, 'filmposters', artwork and of course an exciting 'Behind The Scenes'... COMING SOON. Just follow mr. Zarza's facebook link:


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