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Action/adventure "BARA" premiered & released in biggest theater of Africa with 1200 seats sold out!

Action/adventure "BARA". An action/adventure film my production company TRUE SPIRIT ENTERTAINMENT shot in Morocco for VIDEO MEDIA & FREEDOM PRODUCTIONS, Michel Qissi's production company in March/April 2014. An amazing production of a six week journey through the sands of Moroccan Sahara shooting this motion picture with

Michel Qissi, better known as Tong Po from the original cult classic film "KICKBOXER" with Jean-Claude van Damme.

The action/adventure film premiered in Oujda, Morocco Jan. 5th 2016. All tickets for the amazing 1200 seats available were sold out! Many more theatrical screenings are planned in Morocco and soon in other countries.[ Behind the Scenes of " BARA " ]

By production company: Freedom Productions & Video Media in association with True Spirit Entertainment.


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