bara (2015) (Also known as "The Pact" - Eye for an eye)

NOTICE: Salar Zarza was cameraman of this action/adventure film.

               Also steadycam operator & Actor. Mr. Zarza's film company                                  True Spirit Entertainment, is this film's associate production                                company. True Spirit Entertainment, and it's CEO Mr. Zarza                                is also the film's online editor, producing many teasers and                                  in addition, editor of the trailer for this film.





Two Brothers, one fights for the good, the other fights for Evil.

Who will win? Hamza or Bara? Both have a lot to loose and fight

to the death, with or against each other.



An exciting six week epic action/adventure feature production which                  Mr. Zarza shot in the sahara town Tata, Morocco (March/April 2014).


Director: Mohamed Qissi (better known as Tong Po from "KICKBOXER").

Production:  Video Media /Freedom Productions /True Spirit Entertainment.