Online article and recent press exposure.

Online article and recent press exposure.

IndieFilm: "Out for Vengeance" Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- “Out for Vengeance” is a dramatic true story which is centered on family honor. With about 88 minutes in total, the film tends to raise a good amount of awareness in people regarding many different aspects which really cannot be ignored. The action/thriller IndieFilm is being made by the filmmaker Salar Zarza who has made the film after being inspired by true events in life. Based in the western world, the importance of family honor is emphasized in the compelling thriller which is bound to pique the interest level of millions of people worldwide. Moreover, the film also tends to educate the audience how the cultural aspects of the topic and completely reveals how victims have to bear bizarre situations. Apart from the goals of the film, the best thing is that the film now requires crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Now is the chance for all those who wish to stand for an important topic such as family honor in the western societies, which has been explained in explicit detail. The initial amount of funding which needs to be raised is $25,000 and all the interested individuals from all across the world can contribute as much as they want or can afford in the first place. The amount which is required for the film is going to be spent on editing and grading, post-production, screening logistics and venues, sub-titling, sound FX, titles, motion graphics and much more. These expenses are a must for every film which is about to be made and without them, the completion of such an extensive project cannot be done. There are a lot of perks and benefits which are going to be provided to the exceptionally valuable contributions of the people. Immediate back up is required in order to make the movie into reality in a short period of time. The target, which has been mentioned on the site, for the completion of the film is March 31st, 2014. Therefore, all the interested individuals are recommended to waste no time in making their contributions. The team will be grateful and is even providing packages for educational purposes to institutes and organizations who wish to support the film for good. Another good way to spread the word about the film campaign is to share its information on all social networks and to tell everyone in person at the earliest convenience. Total 29 days are left in total, so contributions must be made as quickly as possible.

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